Empowering Women in Tech

Closing the gender gap.

Empowering women in tech and redefining the industry

We are committed to empowering women in tech to create a diverse and inclusive culture. That’s why the CTIA team is made up of over 40% women. We hope to do our part to empower every person we work with every day to strive for progressive, inclusive, and equal workplaces now and for our future generations.

Today’s tech industry faces an ongoing and visible issue: there simply are not enough women in the field. Every day that new women join the tech industry, more women have the opportunity to become leaders and empower other women to do the same.


Diversity is the key to better results

Today, it is clear that superior innovation is achieved by having a diverse team where members can challenge each other and bring new perspectives.

By having a more diverse workforce, you’ll enjoy the benefits of a wider skillset, different viewpoints, greater creativity, problem-solving and innovation.


Giving women equal opportunities in the tech industry.


Experience better employee efficiency by having greater diversity.


Be the change you want to see and help close the gender gap.


Female-led innovation creates tech with more people in mind

Reskilling women for your organisation's future growth

This is your chance to tackle the gender gap in the technology industry. If we get it right, we have the opportunity to add billions to the Australian economy, as well as build a diverse and inclusive workplace for women to thrive.

Cyber Security Analyst (Certificate IV)

Put up a fight against hackers looking to penetrate an organisation’s network for malicious purposes.

Data Analyst

Skilfully extract information using data modelling and inform management on what it needs to know for decision-making.

Full Stack Developer (Advanced Diploma)

Approach software holistically to cater to both user experience and functionality through front-end and back-end systems.

Front End Developer

Gain the tools, knowledge, and experience to make a variety of websites and applications and kickstart your developer journey.

Women in Cyber: Fighting Hackers & Inquality

Check out our infographic detailing the stats, issues and solutions surrounding women in cyber.
Past Event Recording

Jumping the Big Tech Hurdles: Women in IT and Cyber Security

A panel of influential and inspiring female leaders treat us to a lively panel discussion and Q&A on the latest tech trends and cyber threats, as well as the advancement of women’s tech education and careers.