Our Process

Explore our process further in-depth below for organisations and how we help businesses tackle training & education to reskill and upskill teams

CTIA ensures both your employee and industry-specific needs are met

Ensure your organisation is performing to its full potential with tech and cyber security training for all your employees and managers.

We have a client-focused, outcome-based approach

We have the knowledge and experience to support your reskilling and upskilling journey.


  • Book a Call
  • Speak to our General Manager to discuss your training needs
  • Our Pre-Training Review will help you identify the right people in your organisation to upskill and/or reskill


  • We will provide you with a customised training timetable to ensure maximum compatibility with your workday
  • Sit back while we train your team members to the highest standards
  • Choose to receive regular training program updates


  • Choose between a face-to-face or virtual graduation where we will award students with their certification or accreditation

Our process is completely transparent

Our simple and fixed pricing will help your organisation make decisions easier and faster with no hidden costs.

Future-proof your organisation through upskilling & reskilling

CTIA can deliver an engaging and informative program to achieve your training requirements.
Why Choose Us

We have your best interests at the core of our being.

CTIA powered by Wawiwa, implements the best practices and know-how accumulated over years of skills building for reskilling people to become productive professionals in the global tech sector.

70% Hands-On Practice

70% of the training program is dedicated to actual hands-on practice of the materials and skills taught.

Virtual Cyber Lab

Experience real-life scenarios and experiment with potential responses in real-time.

Global Industry Connections

Leverage our strong global industry connections to pursue a career within or outside of Australia.

Successful team.
Why choose us

Training & Education with CTIA

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We are a reputable and experienced Registered Training Organisation and have over 20 years experience in delivering tech training programs.

Experienced Trainers

Our experienced and qualified trainers and assessors have a large range of specialist industry experience ensuring students are job-ready.

Simulated Virtual Cyber Lab

Experience real-life scenarios and experiment with potential responses in real-time using CTIA's state-of-the-art Israeli military-grade virtual cyber lab.

Customised Training Plans

We deliver customised training solutions for your organisation with options for in-person or online delivery and flexible learning durations.

Flexible Payment Options

Flexible payment options are available for both individual students and organisations allowing you to settle program fees in full, monthly and fortnightly.

Global Advisory Board

Our Global Advisory Board members have world-leading industry experience and insight, and guide CTIA in achieving best practice in tech training.


Risk 2 Solution Group has provided advisory services in many sectors of business, including Government, critical infrastructure, mining & resources, aviation...

Partnership Approach

We want to see success! We believe in a partnership approach, working in collaboration, to ensure our training works for you and/or your organisation.

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