Cyber Security and Incident Response

This course is for organisations who are looking to develop or improve their team’s knowledge and ability to hunt, identify, counter, and recover from a wide range of cyber threats and incidents.

  • Aligned to industry best practice
  • State-of-the-art cyber lab for real-world simulations
  • Delivered in person or online
Cyber Security and Incident Response

Course Details

This interactive, 40-hour course will provide your team with the cyber security skills your organisation needs to counter current and future threats, as well as practical, day-to-day advice to improve your team’s understanding of potential vulnerabilities and help prevent or respond to cyber attacks.


40 hours

Delivery Mode

In person or online

Course Fee


Cyber Security and Incident Response

Course Overview

In this course, team members will gain an introduction to incident response, learn how to handle common security incidents, perform malware analysis and digital forensics investigation during the incident, deep dive into insider threats and malware threats, and get familiar with the cyber threat intelligence world.

Target Audience

IT staff

Network engineers / administrators

Incident handlers and leaders of incident handling teams

System administrators

IT security practitioners who want to design, build, and operate their systems to prevent, detect, and respond to attacks

Students for technological bachelor’s degree

Learning Objectives

By graduation, your team will be able to perform these responsibilities:

Understand the incident response plan and methodologies

Detect, identify and contain most common cybersecurity incidents

Look for suspicious activity of malwares and malicious code on an organization’s endpoints

Analyse malwares with several techniques (static and dynamic)

Find, collect, and perform a forensics investigation of digital evidence

Look for cyber threat intelligence feeds with online and Open Source tools

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Hands-On Practice

Real-world simulations in our Virtual Cyber Lab

Prepare your team for real-life cyber attacks simulated with the latest vulnerabilities and learn to defend against developing threats.

Advanced cyber labs for educating the next generation of cyber professionals.

Allows trainers to demonstrate and let students experience real-life scenarios. Participants can experiment with potential responses in real-time.

Dashboards and detailed reports provide a complete analysis of learning and performance, which will help your team members learn from their failures and successes on an individual and team level.

Program Curriculum

Discover how to implement and test secure software while learning to assess weaknesses and vulnerabilities in security systems.

Module 1 - Event Handling Methodologies (IR)

Module 2 - Cyber Simulations

Module 3 - Response to cyber events

Module 4 - Introduction to the world of attack

Module 5 - Malware analysis

Module 6 - Digital Forensics

Module 7 - Intelligence gathering
in the cyber world

Module 8 - Cyber Challenge (CTF Platform)

Module 9 - Automation Systems and Orchestration - SOAR

Module 10 - Course Final BIT Project

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70% Hands-On Practice

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Virtual Cyber Lab

Experience real-life scenarios and experiment with potential responses in real-time.

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