Benefits of Reskilling

Invest in your organisation.

For you, your employees and your organisation

What are the benefits?

Give your people the chance to grow and achieve in their own personal journey, while also future-proofing the success of your organisation by ensuring you can meet the changing needs of your customers.

A big part of tackling the skills shortage is about helping your people develop their skills and pursue new challenges and opportunities within your company. That’s essential to retaining talent in a market where skilled IT workers can command top dollar and pick and choose where they want to go.

Nurture the talent you already have.


Become a more versatile organisation with employees skilled in multiple areas.


By keeping your current employees you'll reduce the costs associated with recruitment.


Investing in your employees will help keep the best talent in your organisation and increase loyalty.


By showing your employees their worth, you will gain loyalty and improve the overall culture of your organisation.


Give your employees and your organisation stability by avoiding high turnover rates.


Enjoy watching your employees grow, while gaining the benefits of a skilled and happy organisation.

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Read what others have to say​

Our mission is to empower people of all skill levels to accelerate their careers in technology through high-quality training.

I've been a tradie most of my life and decided I wanted a change. I saw an ad for CTIA and their Cyber Security course and figured why not. I really enjoyed the content and learnt a lot. After some help from their career advisor, I'm now working for a small business taking care of their cyber security and really enjoying it.

Sam F Former Student

I previously worked in an administrative role for my company, but I love numbers and really wanted to find a job I was passionate about. I didn’t want to leave my current employer because they really look after us, and then we found out about the government funding. They put me through CTIA’s Data Analyst course and now I’m in a job I love AND I got to stay with my company.

Michael S Data Analyst

I’ve always been a creative person but being a mum, I had to make sure my kids came first so wasn’t in a job I really enjoyed. Now they’ve grown up, I decided it was time to find my passion. A friend told me about CTIA and their Full Stack Developer course and I’m absolutely loving it! I can’t wait to finish and finally find a job I love!

Donna M Current Student