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Industry Trends

So Who’s Reskilling to Tech in 2022

Times are tough. According to the OECD, Covid-19 is pushing unemployment rates in the world’s most advanced economies to levels not seen since the Great

Personal Development

How Cohort-Based Learning Improves Tech Training

One of the most beautiful things about learning is its versatility. There are various learning styles that accommodate students’ goals and how they like to

Personal Development

Unlearning as a part of Reskilling

Unlearning is necessary in the tech reskilling process, and in life. What is unlearning and why is it relevant when acquiring a new profession or

Industry Trends

Tech Talk Terminology

The Covid-19 pandemic has turned the world of adult learning upside down. Its impact on the economy has everybody talking about reskilling to technology and

Industry Trends

The Great Resignation and Tech Reskilling

Amid the global pandemic, when we all experienced quarantines and troubling uncertainty, many people got to reflect on their careers and life choices. Many evaluated