Creating Fantastic Digital Experiences: The Job Role of UI/UX Designers

Ever wondered how social networks and apps such as Facebook, Netflix, and TikTok make us addicted? You can thank UI/UX Designers for that.

Imagine it’s the end of a long workday. Your brain is mush and all you want to do is spend the remainder of the night on your phone or watching TV. Which vice do you pick? Facebook for friends and family updates? Scrolling through TikToks for stuff you find funny and interesting? Maybe start binging a new TV show based on personalized recommendations on Netflix? We can also order pizza on UberEats. Regardless of your choice, technology has gotten your plans sorted. How is it that we can easily get everything that delights us so smoothly, and personalized for us? We can all thank UI/UX designers and their work for that! 

UI/UX designers are technological artists, who help create the digital world accessed by our fingertips. With the quick rise of digitalization happening faster than ever before, the role of UI/UX designers becomes extremely important. According to Brazen, the demand for UI/UX designers is expected to increase by 30% year over year. In a recent LinkedIn report, UX design is one of the top 5 in-demand skills. As more companies begin to create their online presence, they will need to rely on UI/UX designers to make that smooth transition!

Building the User Experience

A UI/UX designer is responsible for creating digital products with a visual user interface (UI) that makes the overall user experience (UX) as seamless and enjoyable as possible. UX designers put the user in the center of the design and development process and create an environment where customers consistently have positive and meaningful experiences. Whether you get a personalized recommendation on Netflix for a new movie that you’d enjoy watching, or shop online at all your favorite stores and are amazed to see how many items you’ve easily put in your cart in just a few minutes, the experience is made possible through the work of UI/UX designers. 

UI/UX designers are responsible for a wide variety of tasks when creating or improving a digital product. Even before software development takes place, the designer must conduct thorough user research to determine the specific needs of the market demographic. 

Later, sometimes with a Product Manager, the UI/UX designers will determine the flow, look and feel of the digital product. They will design sketches of various interface components as a preamble to the digital product, known as a “wireframe”. 

Once the wireframes and flows are approved, the designer will create all visuals and mockups for the website or app screens, and, thus, the overall digital user experience. They might also program these assets, or leave that for a Frontend Developer. The product then undergoes comprehensive testing and QA to ensure its fit with product requirements and that flaws are removed, ensuring that the digital product is the best it can possibly be!

Designing A Career You Will Love

The ability to design products that people use everyday is an ultimately fulfilling experience. How would you feel if there was a way to become a UI/UX designer in a matter of months, even if you have no experience in design whatsoever?

Wawiwa Tech Training is an Israeli education provider that works with partners around the world to reskill people to tech jobs in high demand, such as UI/UX designers.

Wawiwa’s UI/UX Designer Program

The UI/UX program is 250 hours long and takes 6 months to complete. Graduates of the program are job-ready and able to find a position as a UX/UI designer in their local tech ecosystem. The program is divided into 8 modules that will teach you all the fundamental skills needed to become a UX/UI designer through hands-on projects, collaboration, and lectures from Israeli tech experts. In addition, career-oriented soft-skills, CV building, and job-interview preparation are also incorporated into the curriculum to ensure your success and employability in the tech industry. 

The digital era and creation of new digital products every day create huge demand for talented UI/UX designers. If you’re passionate to leave your mark on people’s everyday digital experiences, this may be a great career trajectory for you. Prior experience is not needed–you just need thorough tech training that will reskill you as a UI/UX Designer. It’s time to design your future!

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