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As adults our lives are centred around our jobs. We need a job to pay the bills, put food on the table, keep a roof over our heads and to contribute to society. Yet people often find themselves in a job that they either find unfulfilling or that is a dead end with no further advancement opportunities.

According to the Hays Salary Guide, 43% of people surveyed listed a lack of promotional opportunities as the key reason they’re looking for a career change, while 33% listed a lack of new challenges as the reason. So, if we find ourselves in this position what can we do about it?

Finding Your Passion

Upskilling and reskilling

You might be in a role where you have the opportunity to advance but lack the necessary skills. Or you might be with a company you love, but in a position you can’t advance from. This is where upskilling or reskilling becomes an option. There are plenty of short courses you can take to boost your skill set and put you on top of the list for future promotions. The tech industry is one of the most flexible and variable industries you can choose to do this in. Every organisation employs the use of technology, so the need for people with skills in tech is always going to be in demand.

Job satisfaction in the tech industry

A survey conducted by Exabeam, “The 2020 Cybersecurity Professionals Salary, Skills and Stress”, found that 96% of respondents were happy in their role, with 87% satisfied with their salary. Meanwhile, a survey conducted in 2019 show 72% of people in IT are satisfied in their current role. These figures are impressive!

You’re probably sitting there thinking that sounds great, but I have no experience in the tech industry, or at least not enough to get me a job. Remember we talked about upskilling and reskilling? CTIA has the perfect first step for anyone interested in increasing their current skill set or gaining new skills. Our Cyber Security Analyst, Full-Stack Developer and Data Analyst programs are the perfect steppingstone to get you started.

The Challenges


Studying while working can definitely be a challenge. However, CTIA’s courses are perfect because they’re after hours, offering plenty of support and access to some of the industry’s leading professionals. They’re also not so labour intensive that you’ll need to quit your job just so you can study, but they will provide you with the extra skill set guaranteed to reignite your passion.


We also know that if we want new credible skills, it won’t come cheap. That’s why the Australian Government has given businesses an incentive to pay for their employees to upskill while they work. Every business, whether small or large, should have someone skilled in the areas of IT and cyber security on their payroll. Like we mentioned earlier, every business employs the use of technology. Whether it’s as simple as eftpos machines and a couple of computers, to a large tech company like Google whose whole business revolves around tech.
By asking your employer to pay for your study, not only are you benefiting by opening more opportunities to grow and be challenged, you’ll also be a benefit to your employer because they’ll now have an IT or cyber security specialist in-house.


With time, you and your employer will notice other benefits too. By upskilling in tech, you’ll get the perk of job satisfaction. With new and better skills, you’ll be challenged while being in a constantly changing environment. While you’re doing your job and feeling satisfied, your employer will start to also reap the benefits of you being happy. They’ll notice that their profits increase, there are higher productivity rates, lower turnover of staff and increased loyalty.

So, if you’re not happy with your current job, there’s no need to stress about whether you should risk leaving or applying for other jobs. Simply ask your employer to pay for your study in tech, because at the end of the day it’s a win-win situation. And with the way technology is constantly evolving, you’ll always be in demand!

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